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Creating romance for home

Feng Shui is used to create harmony happiness and all types of relationships

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Feng Shui Romance
Feng Shui is widely used to create harmony and happiness in all types of relationships: romantic, family, friends, and work associates. One of the most important objectives in Feng Shui is that of family happiness.

Romance Your Home with Feng Shui
by: Diane Alba-Means

Has your home lost that loving feeling? Do feel nurtured when you are at home? Is it lacking vital energy that makes you feel alive and nurtured? Maybe it’s time to add some romance to your home. Using Feng Shui principles can be a simple way to make your home loving and inviting. Your home is a place where you can create a tranquil haven from the hectic outside world. Adding some romance to your home does not mean that you have to decorate it in a particular way, such as a Victorian-styled home with lots of lace and floral patterns. Romancing your home is rather a way to create a beautiful, inviting and harmonious living environment, which you can express through your own personal decorating style.

Feng Shui is widely used to create harmony and happiness in all types of relationships: romantic, family, friends, and work associates. One of the most important objectives in Feng Shui is that of family happiness. One simple way to support harmonious family relationships is to have a dining table that is round or oval in shape to encourage a smooth flow of conversation and energy. Feng Shui also puts importance on diffusing obstacles that can create negative energy, such as overhead beams, a protruding display or bookcase, or knives exposed in the kitchen. Overhead beams can represent heavy energy bearing down on you, especially if the beams are over your bed. Look around your home to see if any of these obstacles could be creating an uninviting home for you. It is also a challenge to be romantic in the bedroom if your computer and television are there vying for your attention. It is best to locate these items in another part of the house. If you must have a television in the bedroom, place it in an armoire so that it can be hidden away when not in use.

Once the obstacles of negativity are diffused, you can bring in positive, enriching energy by displaying symbols of love and romance. Try keeping things in pairs, such as a pair of candles or have a pair of rose quartz hearts on your bed side table. Images of love birds or mandarin ducks are often used to visually represent being in a loving relationship. You can also strengthen relationship energy in other rooms of your home with the pairing of Yin and Yang opposites, such as artwork depicting water and mountains or statuary of a man and woman.

Color is very much a part of creating romance in your home and will affect the overall feeling you have in a room. Are your color choices encouraging a loving and harmonious living environment? The bedroom is often considered to be the most romantic room in your home. What are the dominant colors in your bedroom? The following color guide may help you in choosing the romantic atmosphere you are looking to create.

Pink is known as the color of love and will give your room a soft approachable feel.
Red is a strong passionate color that can create feelings of power and excitement. In your bedroom, it is best to use this sparingly as an accent instead of painting all walls in the color red. Green is a calming color and gives a sense of safety and stability to many people.
White is the most common color that people use on the walls is their bedroom. Although it creates a fresh and relaxed feeling, it has a tendency to be a little on the cool side. Consider warming things up a bit with flesh-toned sheets or a painted accent wall behind the head of the bed.
Blue is another calming color, and like white has a tendency to be a little on the cool side. Again warm things up through your accent colors and accessories.

Creating your own romantic home might take some effort. However, once you have applied the principles of Feng Shui and inviting colors to your environment, you will be able to enjoy the results each time you come home at the end of the day.

Contributing Author

Diane Alba-Means is the author of Feng Shui Fashion Makeover for Success.
A Woman's Guide to Empowering Your Personal Style. She is passionate about combining the principles of Feng Shui with her background in fashion and design to show people a fun and exciting way to empower their lives.

Her approach is grounded in over 20 successful years as a color and image consultant, decorator, teacher, writer, speaker, and Feng Shui expert. What is your color mood today? Find out for FREE at

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