Dos and taboo 3-legged Toad   Geomancer, Feng Shui Master Jon Sim  

Dos and taboo 3-legged Toad in feng shui

Dos and Taboo where to place the 3-legged Toad in a house

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Dos and Taboo

Hi, I would like to ask whether it is ok to place the Guan Yin facing a shoe rack (Cupboard to place shoe inside it)? Actually this is the only position we can place these 2 furniture inside the house. I would like to know where to place the 3-legged Toad (Fengshui item) in a house?

Its doesn't matter whether the Guan Yin is facing a shoe rack, as long as it is located at a good mountain locations. For 3-legged Toad we can't give any comments. It is more of culture belief and not part of Classical Feng Shui.

Question Posted by Charlotte Young
[Answered : 09:11:40 AM]

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