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Energizing Home Feng Shui

Energizing home feng shui with life principle of simple transforming

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Energizing Home feng shui

I want to buy a fighting fish for good feng shui in the living. Will it help? Another problem is if you are relying on living fish to provide you with luck, what does it mean when they die?

With correct placement it does help depending on the dimension of your home. Fish itself do not provide you with luck or other magical powers. It is used to liven up qi (energy) for stagnant water. In olden days, there are no special pumps to create moving water, and fishes are used for these purposes.

We're not relying on live fishes to provide us with luck. If your fish die often, it does not mean anything. You should check your water parameters.

Question Posted by Gin Hua
[Answered : 18:13:11 PM]

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