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Free feng Shui Tips are not based on superstition and religion belief

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Master Jon Sim

Free Feng Shui Tips and Monthly Advice

My main entrance doorway is facing towards a Cross Junction. These causes bad luck?

Not Always the Case. Main entrance facing towards a Cross Junction may also indicate gathering of positive energy and bring about prosperous luck to occupants.

We need to examine the exact location of your main entrance base on the "Incoming" and "Outgoing" House Gua
for your problem.

Question Posted by Sally Teo
[Answered : 08:10:48 AM]

Can you explain Feng Shui a belief or natural science of environmental?

First of all, Feng Shui metaphysics are not based on superstition and religion belief. It is a mathematical science for balancing the environment and energy flow around us.

Existence of science begins with human curiosity and exploration to the world. Through time and space, these explorations become great knowledge in the form of scientific equations that turns out to become great invention. For instance, the invention of solar calculators, hiking compasses, and rocket that goes into outer space.

Feng shui itself share the same theory with a proven track record of over 3000 years and that is why its still in use today.

Why some people still regard feng shui as a culture belief because in ancient world of Chinese society, these secrets are kept very close to masters and only pass down to disciple who're closely related to them. Until today, these cycle keep repeating. Unlike westerners, they share their discovery to the world. For that reason, superstitious though derives. But in actual fact, feng shui is true mathematical science for balancing energy flow in our world of Chinese metaphysics. How environment influences us can be explained.

Question Posted by Joshua
[Answered : 09:55:22 AM]


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