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Feng Shui Question with Master Jon & Auntie Liu

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Should we design a company logo according to a person's self element, favorable elements, industry element or lucky color of period 8?

In a way you can if you're sure about your personal helpful elements. But again, by introducing this system to blend with self-element, you're not going to change your luck much. It only represents 5% or even less. That is why we do not encourage our customer to practice that. You should go for the colours or vector forms that correspond to your corporate image.

Question Posted by Phil
[Answered : 22:04:56 PM]

How can one unlock the prominent 8 facing star at the center?

Depending on your house structure. Facing star 8 in the center palace does not always mean "Trap". You need special water formation to unlock the star.

Question Posted by Cattis, London
[Answered : 13:33:15 PM]

So many times I heard of people trying to enhance their personal elements. Let say if I am a fire person, should I wear red colour to increase my luck?

It all depends on yourself and how you look at it. Supposing your unfavorable element is Water? Are you going to avoid drinking when you feel thirst or even give up your favorite water spots?

Question Posted by Makiko, SG
[Answered : 12:43:22 PM]

Will I need to purchases lots of cure if the feng shui of my house is bad? I become aware once this happen, one can spend up to few thousands for remedy and stuff like that.

That's not true in classical Feng Shui. Suppressing unwanted energy can by all means using of indoor plants and simple adjustment to connect positive chi from external environment. The true art of Feng Shui will never requires you to buy unnecessary and expensive items.

Question Posted by Josephine, KL
[Answered : 10:30:13 AM]

According to my diagram of my new house, 8 facing star is located in my missing sector. Does that mean the 8 star is going to set outside my house?

Yes. For your case you need special formation to connect the beneficial chi from the 8 star if its located near your main entrance. But again, the beneficial flow will be reduced. That's is why we will do not encourage occupants to purchase a house with too many missing corners or irregular shapes.

Question Posted by Diane, NY
[Answered : 17:55:12 PM]

Feng Shui Questions & A :: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 >> :: Page 11 of 13
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