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Feng Shui Question with Master Jon & Auntie Liu

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Dear Masters,
I have this question in my mind that has been brothering me for a while. I was born on 3rd Sep 1985; my gf is born on 10th Sep 1985. I have the direction of West and she has the direction of East. If we were to stay in a same house. How do we place the bed, the working desk and entrance? Since we have a totally opposite direction. Another issue is that my element is Metal and her element is Fire. Does this matter to our relationship? How will it affect us? If you are kind enough, please suggest some advice too. Thanks. Your help is appreciated.

First, do not make yourself confuse. People belonging to different Kua Group do not mean a crash in relationship. Relationship compatibility can only be make known by understanding both your Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny).

To solve your second problem, locate the favorable directions and locations base on the House Kua instead. For instance, your house belongs to "Kan", you may use the good sector from the Kua reading, to locate your bed, work desk and so on... it doesn't matter which Kua you and your gf belongs to.

Question Posted by Joseph Cheok
Seremban, Malaysia
[Answered : 01:17:46 AM]

Placing a pair of Fu Dogs guarding the door bring in good qi? Can I place Dragon statue made of wood in my sheng chi area. Thank-you.

Fu dogs or dragons figurine has nothing to do with the flow of energy in an fs environment. These figurines are more about Chinese culture or ancient beliefs. Feng Shui is about harnessing Qi in our living environment and not about placing celestial figurines and so on.

Question Posted by Tang Bee Leng, NZ
[Answered : 21:58:11 PM]

Hi Master Jon,
I've consulted a feng Shui Consultant before moving into the new office. He told that the site has good feng shui elements but after months, our business went down. What is happening?

Can you describe more about your office structure? It will be good if you can email us your floor plan and detail of external environment. Most important at which day the renovation took place.

From what we've notice from other cases studies, at times, these problem arise for the reason that the renovation for office unit took place at a wrong timing and location. Even you'd the best office environment but without a proper time given for renovating and opening of business, business failed and went downfall.

Question Posted by Edgar Fong
[Answered : 17:40:05 PM]

Dear Master,
I am very confused about the 4 inauspicious directions and what they mean. 5 ghost, 6 killing, total loss & bad luck. Could you explain each one? They sound really scary, and I want to be sure what I am dealing with here.

The 4 inauspicious directions in 8 mansions represent;

Jue Ming (Total Loss)
Regarded as the most harmful energy in Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Its negative force can bring about major disaster and fatality. For instance major accidents of all kind, total loss of wealth, illnesses and relationship problems.

Wu Gui (Five Ghost)
Energy of empty hope. Its negative force can bring about subject related to betrayal, gossips, backstabbing, slander and lastly loss of wealth and failure in career.

Liu Shar (Six Killing)
This energy is causes disharmony in human relationship. Its negative force can bring about subject related to business lawsuits, divorces, blood related accident and robbery.

Huo Hai (Mishaps or Misfortune)
Its negative force can bring about hassles, minor accident, and obstruction at work.

You should avoid these locations if at all possible.

Question Posted by Gloria Graham, Florida
[Answered : 13:51:15 PM]

My front door is facing a T-junction. Is this bad Feng Shui?

In general, to regard whether it is good or bad, study its traffic flow. If the T Junction consists of low traffic, it is still all right. For In depth studies, you need to know your house's Gua flow pattern.

For your references, a T Junction does not always mean bad in Feng Shui especially those who own a business unit at the ground level. With certain formulas and calculation, it brings positive energy. This method is widely used among Asia countries like Taiwan & Hong Kong.

Question Posted by Niak Yee
[Answered : 10:33:28 AM]

Does leaving the toilet seat up flush away your wealth?

Wealth in Feng Shui had nothing to do with toilet seat and it does not flush away your money.

Question Posted by Simon Ong
[Answered : 14:45:09 PM]

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